Anywhere the wind blows

In 2018, Budweiser announced they were brewing all their beer with with renewable energy from wind power. Bud wanted to make this announcement in an innovative way. So we thought, if the wind was brewing our beer, why not let it control our advertising.

We made the first radio campaign controlled entirely by the wind.

Using the National Digital Forecast Database, part of The National Weather Service’s (NWS’s) open-source database, we tracked wind patterns across America over a four day span. With every change in direction or speed of the wind, we adjusted both our media buy and creative to reflect the location our ad would air in next. Over the course of 96 hours, we created 26 unique radio ads that covered 24 towns, 5 states, and over 1,300 miles.


Budweiser :: VaynerMedia :: Harry Barron, Associate Creative Director